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    Our Local Producers

Mudgee Corner Store Products

All the things you love about us, ready to take home. Love that tomato relish on your Bacon & Egg roll? You can purchase it in store, made and packaged right here on premises. We also have our Beetroot Relish that makes our Wagyu burgers so special, House Made Granola, Raspberry Preserve, Dukkah, local Marinated olives and other seasons offerings.

Spencer’s Cocoa

"We buy cocoa beans directly from a small group of families on the island of Malekula, Vanuatu who grow, harvest, ferment and dry the cocoa. Twice a year we visit them to catch-up and select the new-season beans. Back in Mudgee, we roast, grind, conch and temper the cocoa into beautiful chocolate."


The Little Big Dairy

"We started the Little Big Dairy Co to deliver the best-tasting, 'Single Source' milk you'll drink to as many people as possible. It's our belief that this shouldn't be reserved for the lucky few. It should be readily available to many, supporting the economy in which it was made."


Linda’s Sweet Chilli Relish

Sweet with a zingy bite
That’s Linda’s award-winning special relish


Hello Lovelies

Handcrafted seasonal cordial

Born from an excess of fruit, our small batch cordials are made with seasonal quality fruit and vegetables with the odd foraged herb, all local to the Mudgee region, Australia.


Fish River Roasters

Our philosophy is simple: Source the best coffee beans and roast each variety to bring out their best flavours and aroma


High Valley Cheese

"With a strong farming background including crop and wine production, we have made the natural transition to making cheese. We love the artistry of making cheese by hand - the production process is very satisfying and we are proud to share our skill and our product with everyone."


Steins Farm Produce

"The range of Stein Farm Produce small goods are made from our herd of free ranging Berkshire pigs, bred and raised on our family farm 9kms north of Mudgee. Our pigs are free to graze on the native pastures surrounding our vineyard, and live a happy life. Ethically grown, truly local, and delicious!"


Farmer Brown Pastured Eggs

"Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs are laid by happy hens who enjoy a free roaming existence on the pastures of Gillinghall in the Central West of NSW."


The Farmhouse Larder

Feirmlee Mudgee Soap

Handcrafted olive oil soap, all natural scents, colours & exfoliants


Other Products we stock & love

If you have a product that you would like to stock in our store we are always open to hear about it. Please dont hesitate us to get in touch via our contact page.

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